September 12th Orinda Classic Car Tour to be Covered by First Ever Orinda Classic Car Tour Live Stream Broadcast.

The Orinda Classic Car Tour will be covered by a Zoom Live Stream Broadcast – with video of all of the exotic and classic cars leaving the Orinda Village and in-route shots, interviews and live reporters. This will include both live shots plus other “Ken Burns” type video which will include photos and commentary of many of the beautiful classics and exotic cars. We will have live cameras and drones at specific locations to show all of the action.

Orinda Classic Car Tour Live Stream Broadcast Information
Note: All times given are Pacific Time.

What: Orinda Classic Car Tour Live Stream Broadcast that anyone with a device with an internet connection can listen to and watch.

When: 9:30 AM – 12:00 Noon, September 12, 2020.

How: Access the Live Stream Broadcast by clicking on the below address link after the start of the Live Stream Broadcast at 9:30 AM on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

Who’s Invited: Anyone in the world is invited, and there capacity up to 1000 participants. No registration is required. Feel free to pass the address on to anyone you please.

Content: The Live Stream Broadcast will include:

• Live commentary with video feed from multiple locations on the Tour route including feed from a drone.
• Photos of the cars participating with background commentary.
• Interviews.
• Videos from past Orinda Classic Car Shows.

You Can Participate: To start everyone will be an “attendee.” However, anyone can raise their hand icon and then provide their own video feed and commentary.

Why join the Orinda Classic Car Tour Live Stream Broadcast? This will be a unique chance to see the cars in action – classics, exotics and an entire spectrum of cool cars and motorcycles, up close and personal. It will be the way to “be there” from the comfort of your computer screen.

Plus – an edited version of the Orinda Classic Car Tour Live Stream Broadcast will be shared right here on this website after the Tour.